Campus Program


The Institute on Religion & Democracy and Providence have launched a new program of Christian campus outreach to uplift historic Christian teaching about political theology. We are dispatching scholars to speak to students and professors about the historic church’s intellectual treasury of resources on God’s purposes for government. And we are resourcing ongoing student groups devoted to the discussion of political theology. There has perhaps never been a greater time or need for this knowledge as increasingly post-denominational US Christianity increasingly loses all memory of what the historic church has taught on political theology. We hope this program will help young Christians and others better understand the ecumenical church’s repository of experience and wisdom. If you are interested in this program, please contact Sarah Stewart ([email protected]).

Mark Amstutz

Wheaton College



 Professor Amstutz’ major academic interests are in international affairs and, more specifically, the role of ethics in the conduct of foreign relations. 





Matthew Lee Anderson

Baylor University





Joseph Capizzi

Catholic University






J. Daryl Charles

John Jay Institute






David Corey

Baylor University






Dean Curry

Messiah University




Debra Erickson



Mark David Hall

George Fox University




Joe Hartman

Georgetown University





Matthew Kaemingk

Fuller Seminary





Robert Kaufman

Pepperdine University




Joseph Loconte

Grove City College






Paul Marshall

Baylor University






Bryan McGraw

Wheaton College





Eric Patterson

Regent University





Jonathan Leeman






Marc LiVecche

Providence & Stockdale Center/U.S. Naval Academy





Paul Miller

Georgetown University





Scott Redd

Reformed Theological Seminary





Lee Trepanier

Samford University





Kevin Vallier

Bowling Green University





Andrew Walker

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary





George Weigel

Ethics & Public Policy Center


Stephen White

Catholic University