The “New” Antisemitism in America’s Universities 

Antisemitic protests have rocked college campuses across the United States. However, this “new,” antisemitism is a deep-rooted phenomenon within academia.

The Iraq War Was a Success

Although the Iraq War was long and costly, leaving Saddam Hussein in power would only have led to even worse outcomes

Lessons from Tiananmen Square, 35 Years Later

There was hope for democratic reform in China 35 years ago, and that hope remains alive today

A People Without Culture: What the End of Reading Truly Means 

Democracy requires a broadly disseminated literary tradition through which to transmit the culture that sustains a civilization

Christian Realism and Reemergence of Islamic Extremist Terrorism

While the West is distracted by China and Russia, Islamic terrorism continues to metastasize around the world

A Pier Built to be a Stage 

The Biden administration’s humanitarian aid pier only makes sense as a performative act, not a practical one

Between Prime Minister and Prophet: Reflections on Geert Wilders

Although unlikely to become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has unmistakably altered his nation’s political trajectory

Reorient the Intelligence Community Towards Nuclear Competition & Hybrid Warfare

To adapt to the new threats facing America, the Intelligence Community should reorient towards nuclear competition & hybrid warfare

The Borderlands of the West

More concerning to East-Central Europe than renewed threats from Russia is the lack of consensus over what the West stands for