Alan Dowd

Alan Dowd

Alan Dowd is a contributing editor with Providence and a senior fellow with the Sagamore Institute, where he leads the Center for America’s Purpose (

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The Barbarians of October 

American Christians must understand that morally equivocating on the Hamas-Israel conflict is not a virtue

A Shield and Sword for the Disinformation Age

We must arm ourselves for the challenges posed by deepfakes

Rediscovering America’s Purpose

America was once the world’s arsenal of democracy, can it be again?

Words of War

A profile of Ukraine’s 68th Jaeger Brigade

The Torch and Tapestry of Generations

How has America’s leadership gotten so old?

Ukraine’s Blame Game

Whose mistakes led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

Clarifying the Terms of Debate Over a Once-Popular War

When discussing the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and its aftermath, it’s important to recall the circumstances that led to the conflict.

A War of War Crimes

In every way, Putin has perpetrated a conflict characterized by war crimes against Ukraine.

Defending the Liberal International Order

From Kabul to Kiev, from the South China Sea to the Persian Gulf, from space to cyberspace, the U.S.-led international…

Israel and Turkey Must Step Up

Turkey delays NATO membership for Sweden and Finland, and Israel ignores Ukraine’s desperate request for defensive arms.