Blasphemy Laws & Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

The use of blasphemy laws to persecute Christians in Pakistan is an increasingly widespread practice

America Must Not Alienate India and Japan as Conservative Democracies

As competition with China intensifies, the US cannot afford to alienate Japan and India as nations with a strong sense of national identity

Lessons from Tiananmen Square, 35 Years Later

There was hope for democratic reform in China 35 years ago, and that hope remains alive today

Reorient the Intelligence Community Towards Nuclear Competition & Hybrid Warfare

To adapt to the new threats facing America, the Intelligence Community should reorient towards nuclear competition & hybrid warfare

Virtue vs. Relativism and Foreign Policy 

Virtue is a prerequisite to a healthy polity at home, which is in turn necessary for a strong America internationally

From Defense to Offense: Review of “Countering China’s Great Game” 

Michael Sobolik lays out his blueprint for transitioning from defense to offense in the new Cold War against China

Kroenig and Negrea’s Plan for Winning the New Cold War

Matthew Kroenig and Daniel Negrea have charted a new path for Republican foreign policy

U.S. Congress Demonstrates Global Leadership by Supporting Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel

Congress’s vote to send military aid to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine proves that American leadership remains strong in 2024

Escalating Christian Repression: Beijing’s Crackdown in Mainland China and Hong Kong 

Once again, USCIRF has recommended that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) be designated a country of particular concern due to religious persecution.