Blasphemy Laws & Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

The use of blasphemy laws to persecute Christians in Pakistan is an increasingly widespread practice

Democracy’s Failure in Pakistan and then Afghanistan

The story of democracy’s failure to take root in Afghanistan is directly related to its failure in Pakistan

Anti-Christian Persecution on the Rise

Despite the increasing prominence of the international religious freedom movement, violence against believers is getting worse in many regions of the world, such as Nigeria, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

Major U.S. and British Government-sponsored Summits Defend Global Religious Freedom

Two recently held major international conferences brought together thousands of religious freedom advocates and government officials to cooperate in taking concrete action to end religious persecution.  

Biden’s Saudi Visit was a Win for Americans

Threatening the US-Saudi partnership over of Saudi Arabian crimes would risk more American lives, cause greater conflict, and increase injustice and human suffering.

Ilhan Omar Pakistan
Ilhan Omar’s Pakistan Trip Raises Questions of Foreign Islamist Influence in the US

The considerable power that foreign agents with such connections can easily exert is troubling, and connections between these agents and elected officials warrant deeper investigation.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Promote Mob Murder Against Christians
Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Promote Mob Murder against Christians

The Biden administration must follow in USCIRF’s steps and lead in the global campaign to repeal blasphemy laws, as it aims to prioritize human rights at the core of its foreign policy.

Pakistan Double Standard on Blasphemy Laws
Pakistan’s Double Standard on Blasphemy Laws

In April, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan denounced the West, particularly France, and called for a coalition of Muslim countries to use economic power to force the West to pass blasphemy laws protecting Muslim sentiments.

The Overturned Conviction for Daniel Pearl’s Murder, and Where to Place Blame in Pakistan
The Overturned Conviction for Daniel Pearl’s Murder, and Where to Place Blame in Pakistan

Earlier this year, the Pakistani supreme court overturned the conviction of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a Pakistani British national who was sentenced to death by hanging for the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl.