Isabella Meibauer

Isabella Meibauer graduated from the King’s College, New York, with a degree in religious and theological studies. She has traveled to Southeast Asia five times and is currently in charge of social media for Resources and Aid Mobilization Pakistan. She does freelance writing about Myanmar and other topics, will be working toward a master’s in international relations, and is a military spouse.

In Myanmar, COVID-19 Poses Greatest Risk to Democracy
In Myanmar, COVID-19 Poses Greatest Risk to Democracy

With Myanmar’s military still controlling 25 percent of its parliament and a history of brutal crackdowns—not to mention the recent Rohingya crisis—COVID-19 is exacerbating the precarious balance between the military and civilians in power.

Pakistan’s COVID-19 Response Fails Its Minorities

In the past few weeks, Pakistan has attempted to mitigate COVID-19’s effect on its economy and people. However, these efforts have largely ignored the needs of Pakistan’s minorities. The result is an increase in human rights violations.