Europe & Eurasia

Recommitting Ourselves to the Freedom of Captive Nations

In 1959, Congress designated the third week of July as Captive Nations Week for those suffering under Communism and authoritarianism around the world

The Strategic Imprudence of Shunning Israeli Defense Companies

Ignoring Israeli defense companies will come at a cost for France and European Countries, particularly during their fight against Russia.

Liberal Nationalism, Abraham Lincoln, and the Unification of Italy

Although liberalism and nationalism are not often thought of together, liberal nationalism is a powerful force for nation-building.

How Tolkien’s Frenemy, Charles Williams, Indirectly Saved Lord of the Rings

Though Tolkien was not a fan of Charles Williams’ work, the latter would prove to have an enormous influence on the former

Acknowledging Russian Security Threats While Avoiding Russophobia

For the sake of someday having positive relations with Russia post-Putin, we must avoid Russophobia even as we support Ukraine

Why Liberals Lose 

While the policies of liberals may be effective, they fail to articulate a strong moral vision

“The Time Has Come”: Moving From Ukrainian Survival to Sovereignty

The time has come to allow Ukraine to defend herself properly. Half-measures, which up until now have characterized Western strategy, are not enough.

A People Without Culture: What the End of Reading Truly Means 

Democracy requires a broadly disseminated literary tradition through which to transmit the culture that sustains a civilization

Between Prime Minister and Prophet: Reflections on Geert Wilders

Although unlikely to become the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has unmistakably altered his nation’s political trajectory