Cambridge Academics Rightfully Reject Respect
Cambridge Academics Rightfully Reject “Respect”

It is not often that an intra-university dispute on whether to ask for toleration rather than respect gets international press coverage. But such has been the fate of recent events at England’s venerable University of Cambridge.

Appeasement’s Complex Lessons

Tooley: Hello this is Mark Tooley, editor of Providence: A Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy, with the pleasure…

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

British historian Andrews Roberts discusses his magnificent new biography of Winston Churchill, including his political incorrectness by contemporary standards, his…

Britain and the “Real” End of World War II
Britain and the “Real” End of World War II

Last month was the seventy-fifth anniversary of V-J Day—Victory over Japan, August 14, 1945—the official end of World War II. Yet most Britons prefer to celebrate V-E Day—Victory in Europe, May 8, 1945—the defeat of Nazi Germany. Why so?

Peter Hitchens on “Satanic Optimism,” Etc.

British commentator author Peter Hitchens, in conversation with Mark Tooley, responds to critiques by “Providence” and speaks to wider historical moment of protests and iconoclasm.

The Last Lion Snarled: Three Scenes from the Olympian Life of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was no perfect man. But in this week, the eightieth anniversary of the beginning of his prime ministerial effort to save Britain particularly and Western civilization generally, we speak peace to his ashes and honor to his memory.

Thank God for the Royal Air Force!
Thank God for the Royal Air Force!

For more than a century, the Royal Air Force has made a vital contribution to the military defense of the West.

Britain Mulls Advocacy for Persecuted Christians
Britain Mulls Advocacy for Persecuted Christians

While talking about persecuted Christians, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK will “stand with Christians everywhere, in solidarity” and will defend their right to practice their faith. What would this policy look like?

Appeasement’s Eternal Lessons

Tim Bouverie’s history of British pre-WWII appeasement—Chamberlain, Hitler, Churchill, and the Road to War—compellingly recounts how the democracies, chiefly Britain, deferred confrontation with Hitler for much of a decade, only barely recovering in time to avert complete calamity.