Liberal Nationalism, Abraham Lincoln, and the Unification of Italy

Although liberalism and nationalism are not often thought of together, liberal nationalism is a powerful force for nation-building.

Heil, Hobbit!: Giorgia Meloni and the Politicization of JRR Tolkien

In post-war Italy, the fantasy epics of JRR Tolkien became required reading for the post-fascist right; but does that really mean Hobbits were all Hitlerites?

Giorgia Meloni & Secularizing Italy

Hopefully much of Meloni’s rhetoric in this regard is mostly showmanship and she governs pragmatically, not as a crusade of resentment. 

Religious Liberty in Italy after World War II

In the following article from 75 years ago, Howard V. Yergin warned Americans about the emerging Italian constitution that would effectively privilege Catholics and treat religious minorities less favorably.

Samaritan’s Purse Response to COVID-19 in New York and Italy: An Interview

On March 28, 2020, New Yorkers opened their eyes and saw something which had not occurred in over a hundred years: the construction of a field hospital in Central Park.