The Suffering of the Saints

Distinguishing between intentional persecution and national malfeasance is difficult for Egyptian Copts.

Major U.S. and British Government-sponsored Summits Defend Global Religious Freedom

Two recently held major international conferences brought together thousands of religious freedom advocates and government officials to cooperate in taking concrete action to end religious persecution.  

Marksism – No. 66: Just War Post 9/11 and Beyond

This week the editors discuss Debra Erickson’s article about the just war tradition after 9/11.

Neither World War II nor Vietnam: 9/11 and the New Paradigms of War
Neither World War II nor Vietnam: 9/11 and the New Paradigms of War

In her 2003 book Just War Against Terror, Jean Bethke Elshtain argued for a new paradigm for a just war: the fight against global terrorism, particularly terrorism perpetrated by followers of militant Islam. Twenty years after 9/11, this claim is due for revisiting.

Foreign Policy ProvCast: Ep. 69 | The Future of Afghanistan and Vulnerable Afghans (Paul D. Miller)
Foreign Policy ProvCast: Ep. 69 | The Future of Afghanistan and Vulnerable Afghans

Paul D. Miller speaks with Mark Melton about the current situation in Afghanistan as well as what might happen in…

China-Taliban Tango Encourages Unholy Marriage
China-Taliban Tango Encourages Unholy Marriage

China is brimming with optimism about the Taliban in Afghanistan. But a bombing that killed scores of people, including 13 American troops, outside the Kabul airport on August 26 has led many to distrust the Islamic group’s promise to not let anyone use the land-locked country’s soil to target another.

rage, enmity, 9-11
An Enmity Wholesome and Wise

Commentary surrounding the 20th anniversary of 9-11 coalesced into broad themes of sorrow and rage. Both emotions were appropriate to the day.

Marksism – No. 63: 9/11 Christian Realist Reflections

In this week’s episode, the editors discuss 9/11.

The Natural Next Step: Afghanistan Withdrawal in Context
The Natural Next Step: Afghanistan Withdrawal in Context

One adjective that should never be used to describe the US retreat from Afghanistan is “surprising.” In fact, what happened in Kabul in 2021 was the natural next step on the inward-turning path Americans began walking in 2009.

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