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bortchen observation
Front Bortchen: January 31, 2021

On living left of boom and moving to contact; responding to the Holocaust, the problem of evil, and human freedom; and “Once an Eagle” and a objects of love

Ministers of Justice

Memorial Day is the right time to reflect on the costs of war and why they are sometimes worth paying.

China and The Great Network Power

The US created today’s system of global exchange. Now, Beijing is manipulating it to subvert American security, prosperity, and values.

US Army or Islamic War College?
US Army or Islamic War College?

Raymond Ibrahim was scheduled to lecture on June 19 at the War College’s Carlisle, PA, barracks as part of its 2019 Perspectives in Military History Lecture Series. But the college disinvited him after the Council on American Islamic Relations protested.

The Price of Cheap Order: Afghanistan, America and Endless War

In fact, this finger-in-the-dam strategy is the best available option given America’s de facto preference to enjoy relative freedom from jihadist violence without the expense of solving the root problems from which jihadism springs. This style of frontier warfare is the price America pays for regional order on the cheap.

Memorial Day
Memorial Day: Just Wars and Remembering Those Who Fight Them

Memorial Day is an opportunity to reflect on the debt that the many owe to the few. Wars must sometimes be fought to defend the innocent, restore justice, and punish evil. When wars are fought, those who fight them sometimes fall. We must remember them.

What a Country: Immigrants Serve US Military Well
What a Country: Immigrants Serve US Military Well

In an era where old debates over immigration are resurfacing, Guor Maker’s only-in-America story is a reminder of how important immigrants are to this nation—and how much they sacrifice to serve and defend their new home.

What You Should Know About the Tet Offensive
What You Should Know About the Tet Offensive

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive. Here is what you should know about the attacks that changed the course of the Vietnam War.

Reassessing the Congressional Foundations for War Against Jihadists - Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF)
Reassessing the Congressional Foundations for War Against Jihadists

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) passed by Congress in 2001 remains in force, but policymakers are debating whether to repeal, replace, or expand its authorities.

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