Tim Milosch

Tim Milosch is a lecturer in the Political Science Department at Biola University and a faculty fellow with Braver Angels’ College Debates and Discourse Alliance.

He completed his doctoral studies at Claremont Graduate University where he did research on the effects of political culture on international crises. He currently teaches courses on international affairs and national security at Biola and writes about those subjects even more on Substack at Tim Talks Politics. He is also a Contributing Editor with Providence.

Tim’s website is www.timmilosch.com and he’s (barely) on X @TimMilosch. Really it’s probably just better if you send an email to tmilosch (at) gmail.com.

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Teaching IR Christianly 

What does it mean to teach man-made theories of social science and history in reference to transcendent Christian principles?

Our Political Theology Shouldn’t Start at Romans 13

Romans 13 is an important scripture in political theology, but it is not the only relevant scripture for Christians in politics