Season 1 Episode 4: Trials of the First Christian Nation

Richard Ghazal and William Roberts sat down with Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America

Season 1 Episode 3: The Early Church & Eastern Christianity

Richard Ghazal sat down with Bishop Gregory Mansour of the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Maron in Brooklyn, NY, and…

Season 1 Episode 2: One-on-One with Freedom

Richard Ghazal sat down with former NBA star Enes Freedom.  Enes is an outspoken advocate for human rights, but his…

In the Middle: A Podcast on Christianity in the Middle East – Episode 1: Gia’s March for the Martyrs

Richard Ghazal sits down with Gia Chacón, founder of “For the Martyrs” and the woman behind the annual “March for the Martyrs.”

The Provcast: The Israel-Hamas War

Providence’s Marc LiVecche and Pepperdine’s Robert Kaufman discuss the Israel-Hamas War, proportionality, intent, and fighting to win

Poland and the Changing Geopolitics of Eastern Europe

Providence editor Marc LiVecche, McDonald Scholar of Ethics, War, and Public Life, spoke with the Consul General of the Republic of…

Is Remote Warfare Moral?

Providence’s Marc LiVecche speaks with Joe Chapa, his Air Force pilot, about his new book Is Remote Warfare Moral?

The Principles of Christian Realism, Part 2

Marc LiVecche outlines the Principles of Christian Realism, Part 2.

The Principles of Christian Realism, Part 1

Marc LiVecche speaks on the Principles of Christian Realism, Part 1.

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