Evangelical Christians

Ep. 52: Racism and the Church

Providence has recently published a few articles about race and racism after the murder of George Floyd, and in this…

George Floyd and the Test for White Evangelicals
George Floyd and the Test for White Evangelicals

“After our arrival we went up to the town of Savannah; and the same evening I went to a friend’s…

Samaritan’s Purse Response to COVID-19 in New York and Italy: An Interview

On March 28, 2020, New Yorkers opened their eyes and saw something which had not occurred in over a hundred years: the construction of a field hospital in Central Park.

Muslims and Evangelicals form Joint Working Group to Counter Extremism

On April 20, members of the world’s largest Muslim organization and one of the world’s largest Christian organizations announced the creation of a joint working group to counter two threats to religious freedom and to society more broadly: religious extremism and secular extremism.

Christian Influence on US Foreign Policy

Formal religious adherence is declining, but America’s longtime religious self-identity as a lodestar of democratic responsibility in the world continues unabashed.

Almoner of the Nations: Review of Curtis’ Holy Humanitarians: American Evangelicals and Global Aid
Almoner of the Nations: Review of Heather Curtis’ Holy Humanitarians: American Evangelicals and Global Aid

Heather Curtis’ Holy Humanitarians: American Evangelicalism and Global Aid reveals the crucial role evangelicals played in the development of international humanitarianism at a time when the United States was extending its global power through economic expansion, military imperialism, and missionary outreach

The Impeachment of American Evangelicalism

There is a sharp public conversation brewing over evangelical attitudes on impeachment. Christianity Today editorialized that Christians should support removing…

Ep. 43: Is Civility Dead in America? A Conversation with Paul Miller

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with Prof. Paul Miller to discuss the lack of civility in American politics, the…

The Fault in Our Stars: Tyson, Trump, and the Search for Human Worth

America’s collective consciousness has been assaulted of late by the rapid-fire reports of mass shootings across the country. What was…

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