Cory Higdon

Cory Higdon is a PhD student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as director of Theological Research in the Office of the President. Cory’s research focuses on the history of religious liberty, especially seventeenth-century colonial America and the political philosophy and theology of Roger Williams. He has presented his research at The Evangelical Theological Society, The American Society of Church History, and has published with Public Discourse, and The Journal of Church and State. Cory is married to Amelia, and they have two children with a third on the way.

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Fighting for the Right to Be Jewish: Religious Liberty and Government Establishment

A state-enforced sexual establishment parallels the kind of religious establishment dissenters have long sought to dismantle, and for sound reasons.

“Not One Nation Alone, but of All People”

Love of country, patriotism, unity, the desire for religious liberty, and the hopes to see the world evangelized ought to mark Christians. Yet, these qualities exist alongside the realities of a fallen world, marred by sin.

The Death of History
The Death of History

History suffers from an apparently terminal illness—it is quickly dying and dying before our eyes.

Bringing “All the World into Combustion”: Roger Williams, Civility, National Security COVID-19 Pandemic
Bringing “All the World into Combustion”: Civility in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The erosion of civility is perhaps one of the more domestic national security threats that the COVID-19 pandemic magnified in recent weeks.