Nadya Williams

Nadya Williams is the author of Cultural Christians in the Early Church (Zondervan Academic, 2023) and Mothers, Children, and the Body Politic: Ancient Christianity and the Recovery of Human Dignity ( forthcoming from IVP Academic, Oct. 2024). She is Book Review Editor for Current, where she also edits The Arena blog.

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The (Home) School of Democracy 

Review of Monica Swanson’s “Becoming Homeschoolers”

Marriage: The Most Essential Christian Institution

Review of Brad Wilcox’s new book “Get Married: Why Americans Must Defy the Elites, Forge Strong Families, and Save Civilization”

From the Peloponnesian War to Putin 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine echoes Athens’ invasion of Melos in the Peloponnesian War

A Tale of Two Vladimirs

Vladimir Putin was not born to be a dictator, but rather made a series of free choices through adulthood that led him to evil

What Has Israel to Do with Ukraine?

Ukraine and Israel may seem as disparate as two nations could be, but their history is indelibly linked