The Nations in the Bible
The Nations in the Bible

One of the main themes of the Old and New Testaments is the nations, a subject that remains largely in the background in the Old Testament but emerges into the foreground in the New Testament.

God’s Transcendence as an Antidote to Polarization in America
God’s Transcendence as an Antidote to Polarization in America

Polarization in the United States in recent years has both increased in intensity and transformed into a different type. These changes, in my view, are very dangerous for the future of the Republic.

Day 13: The Light at the End of the Yule Blog
Day 13: The Light at the End of the Yule Blog

Christmas is important to Christians because from their point of view the Baby Jesus is the meaning of Christmas, and the meaning of Christmas is the meaning of life.

Day 12: How Real is the Meaning? Yule Blog Apologetics Bible
Day 12: How Real is the Meaning?

History turned a corner with the birth of Jesus Christ, and while the written reports of that event don’t tell me everything I want to know, they do tell me everything I need. The Gospels occupy a kind of center point in human culture as a whole: products of a particular time and place, but comprehensible to all.

Day 11: Sitting in Darkness, Blogging the Light - Yule Blog
Day 11: Sitting in Darkness, Blogging the Light

If we leave religion out of our national conversation, we end up with a vapid conversation that doesn’t address the deepest realities that move most of the people in this country.

Day 10: The Mother of All Meaning Yule Blog
Day 10: The Mother of All Meaning

To get any insight at all into what Jesus’ childhood and upbringing were like, you have to do something that sometimes makes Protestants uncomfortable: study Mary.

Day 9: God’s Dilemma Yule Blog
Day 9: God’s Dilemma

The flawed human race, trapped in a cycle of cascading pain and wrong, is what and who God is bound and determined to love; the question is, How can He do it?

Day 8: One for All Yule Blog Nationalism Patriotism Israel
Day 8: One for All

The Christmas story doesn’t tell us how to reconcile the virtues and the vices of universal cosmopolitanism and local loyalty. But it suggests that we can somehow try to be true to both ideals: to be loyal members of our nations, our families, our tribes—and at the same time to reach out to the broader human community of which we are also a part.

Day 7: Meaning in 3-D Yule Blog Trinity Christmas
Day 7: Meaning in 3-D

My goal is much more modest: to help Christian and non-Christian readers understand what classical vanilla Christians mean when they identify the baby in the manger with God on high. That means taking on the most controversial and complex idea in Christianity; the doctrine of the Trinity is wrapped around that baby in the manger even tighter than the swaddling clothes.

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