Catholics Are Debating Liberalism – Are Protestants Now Too?

Patrick Deneen’s 2014 article, “A Catholic Showdown Worth Watching,” now seems like ancient history.  Its observations about the divide between…

On the “Medieval Question” 

American conservatives have a paradoxical relationship with the Middle Ages – a relationship which today has reemerged as a fascinating cleavage on the American right.

Government’s Two-Edged Sword

The Christian challenge is to identify a role for good government to restrain evil alongside other God-given institutions while at the same time establishing robust means to check the evil of government.

An Aquinas Americans Can Reason With

Thomism and liberalism are not hopeless enemies: a review of The Christian Structure of Politics: On the De Regno of Thomas Aquinas

Integralism vs Christian Realism

Providence does not favor nations that imagine they can pursue holiness while escaping reality and responsibility.

Marksism – No. 76: Olympics, Václav Havel, Integralist Foreign Policy
Marksism – No. 76: Olympics, Václav Havel, Integralist Foreign Policy

This week the editors discuss Eric Patterson’s article about boycotting the Olympics, Lubomir Martin Ondrasek’s article about Václav Havel, and a New York Times editorial presenting an integralist foreign policy.

Marksism – No. 75: Olympics, Integralism, Taiwan
Marksism – No. 75: Olympics, Integralism, Taiwan

This week the editors discuss articles about the Olympics, integralism and post-liberalism, and Taiwan.

Postliberalism and a World of Pure Imagination
Postliberalism and a World of Pure Imagination

Late last year, Adrian Vermeule published “‘It Can’t Happen’; Or, the Poverty of Political Imagination,” an article that critiques what he calls the “futility trope” used by conservative critics of postliberalism.

Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Theologians and Their Choices
Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Philosophers and Their Choices

Either Catholics consider the genius and limits of both Charles De Koninck and Jacques Maritain, or they disregard them both. The latter is unacceptable, given that surrendering the genius is too high a cost.

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