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Jeffrey Cimmino is Deputy Director for Operations and Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. His writing has appeared in The National Interest, National Review, Spectator USA, The Washington Examiner, and other venues.

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Review of Tim Alberta’s “The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism”

Review of “The Kingdom, The Power, and The Glory” by Tim Alberta

“Two Corinthians” – Religious Populism in the West

Donald Trump’s infamous “Two Corinthians” reference has proven exemplary of the relationship of right-populism and religion.

An Aquinas Americans Can Reason With

Thomism and liberalism are not hopeless enemies: a review of The Christian Structure of Politics: On the De Regno of Thomas Aquinas

The Battle Call of American Protestantism

WASPs tended to identify themselves as uniquely positioned guardians of the nation’s heritage. As their cultural influence had begun waning by World War I, their spokesmen resorted with greater ferocity to a crusading mindset to bolster their influence.

Integrate Religious Freedom into the Next National Security Strategy
Integrate Religious Freedom into the Next National Security Strategy

Religious freedom is a pillar of peace, stability, and prosperity in democratic societies, while religious repression undermines prospects for order and human flourishing.

Support Religious Freedom to Counter China
Support Religious Freedom to Counter China

Support for religious freedom as a foreign policy tool in great power competition is pragmatic, moral, and popular.

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