Sonnet from the Portuguese: A Review of Glenn Greenwald’s Securing Democracy
A Saga of Brazilian Corruption: Review of Glenn Greenwald’s Securing Democracy

Glenn Greenwald’s “Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil” explores his astonishing personal and professional confrontation with the rulers of his adopted home.

One Way Out for Lebanon: Intensified Sanctions and Early Elections

A healthy majority of people in Lebanon continue to reject the sectarian, clannish, and quasi-tribal order of Lebanese politics, and the US should use Global Magnitsky sanctions against the country’s corrupt rulers.

Lebanon Given away for Nothing?
Lebanon Given away for Nothing?

The majority of Lebanese would welcome a peaceful settlement of pending border issues with Israel. But many understandably fear how the negotiations are unfolding.

Lebanon, Both Free and Hostage

Once more, Lebanon’s imposed hostage status to Iran comes to light with the latest normalizations between Israel and both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Marksism | Ep. 11: On Israel-UAE Relations, Lebanon, & Christian Realism

In this episode of Providence’s weekly series Marksism, Mark Tooley, Mark Melton, and Marc LiVecche discuss the journal’s latest content,…

Further Neglect of Lebanon is Bad for Regional and Global Security
Further Neglect of Lebanon is Bad for Regional and Global Security

Washington and the West need to stop neglecting Lebanon, primarily for the sake of their own strategic and regional interests.

An Iraq for All Iraqis? - Iraq Protest 2019
An Iraq for All Iraqis?

Religious minorities hope the Iraqi protest movement can reshape the country to serve the interests of all Iraqis

Mugabe’s Funeral & God’s Hand

Robert Mugabe, the dictator who impoverished and brutalized a nation across 37 years, was buried in a Zimbabwe state funeral…

US-Brazil Relations and Concerns over Nepotism in Brasilia
US-Brazil Relations and Concerns over Nepotism in Brasilia

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to nominate his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, to become the next ambassador of Brazil to the US has triggered concerns about nepotism in the South American nation.

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