Episode #79 | China After The Fall Of Democracy In Hong Kong (Olivia Enos)
Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 79 | China as Democracy Falls in Hong Kong

Olivia Enos of the Heritage Foundation speaks with Mark Melton about how the Chinese government has been eradicating liberty in Hong Kong.

The Latest Arrests of Pro-Democracy Leaders in Hong Kong Lend Urgency to Extending Refugee Status to Persecuted Hong Kongers

More pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong have been arrested—including, astoundingly, a 90-year-old renowned Catholic cardinal, Joseph Zen.

The Church’s Mission for Ukrainian Refugees
The Church’s Mission for Ukrainian Refugees

While we may not be able to create peace on earth, by offering a “cup of cold water” in Jesus’ name, we can bring peace to the hearts of many.

People Displaced: Then and Now
Displaced Persons, from 1946–47 Germany to Today

Seventy-five years ago, Cynthia Nash wrote about displaced persons in occupied Germany who could not return home after the Second World War.

Iraqi Christians in Jordan: There Is Nothing to Go Back For

“We have lost everything; our homes have been stolen, looted, destroyed, and burned. There is nothing left for us there, to return for,” said an Iraqi Christian who fled to Jordan.

What Is Really Going on in Afghanistan: The Plight of Christians and Religious Minorities
What Is Really Going on in Afghanistan: The Plight of Christians and Religious Minorities

With the West on the run, increased activity by terrorists, and the Taliban inexorably exerting control across the country, we need to be aware of what is happening to real people, right now in Afghanistan.

A Case for Rebuilding the US Commitment to Refugees
A Case for Rebuilding the US Commitment to Refugees

To renew our national spirit, we must rebuild our refugee resettlement program.

Protecting Rohingya after the Coup in Burma
Protecting Rohingya after the Coup in Burma

The brutalities endured by Burma’s Rohingya—the country’s most vulnerable population—were bad even before the recent coup. The US response must take their plight into account, or risk making it even worse.

Pakistan Should Heed the Call of Oppressed Muslims Instead of Oppressing Its Minorities

If Pakistan takes such great lengths to “protect” Islam and its Muslim citizens, it should also seek to protect fellow Muslims abroad who are the victims of ethnic cleansing, oppression, or persecution.

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