Soft Power

The Bold and the Free: Waging Media War in Arabic - Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) - Al-Hurra
The Bold and the Free: Waging Media War in Arabic

Given the alarming trends in the Middle East, America should fashion agile media platforms that influence audiences in the region and—even more importantly—say something compelling.

China and The Great Network Power

The US created today’s system of global exchange. Now, Beijing is manipulating it to subvert American security, prosperity, and values.

The Rhetoric of Freedom

“The Hong Kong thing is a very tough situation. Very tough,” Donald Trump said on Tuesday. “We’ll see what happens….

Is America ready for an Atheist President?

In a recent Washington Post column Max Boot hoped America one day would have an “unapologetic atheist” president. After all,…

Political Islam, Liberalism, and Consensus in the Middle East

Dr. Hellyer is a nonresident Senior Fellow at the RH Centre for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council in DC and Senior Associate Fellow in International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute in London.

Foreign Aid: A Confluence of Interests and Ideals
Foreign Aid: A Confluence of Interests and Ideals

Helping nations in need often serves America’s most important interests while burnishing America’s highest ideals.

A Flagging Commitment to Foreign Aid
A Flagging Commitment to Foreign Aid

The downward trend in foreign aid spending by the US government is not a function of the American people losing interest in foreign aid. After all, it has never been popular. More likely, it’s a function of presidents no longer defending foreign aid, explaining it, or connecting it to the national interest.

To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid
To Whom Much Is Given: Making a Case for Foreign Aid

Recent passage of the BUILD Act, which aims to “facilitate market-based private sector development and inclusive economic growth in less developed countries,” presents an ideal opportunity to discuss the thorny issue of foreign aid.

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