Missile Defense

America Must Invest in the Continued Promise of the Abraham Accords 

The United States still has a critical leadership role to play in the Middle East—the Abraham Accords were only a starting point.

Beijing Offers a Glimpse of Tomorrow in the Taiwan Strait

The United States are not prepared for a cold war with China over Taiwan, yet to avoid it, America needs to start acting as if they were already upon them, and learn from the last one.

Turkey’s Time has Come

Appeasement is an incentivizing force behind Turkey’s pursuit of strategic autonomy and extortion.

Matthew Kroening Christianity & National Security Conference 2022

Matthew Kroenig discusses nuclear deterrence, rules-based international order, and great power competition. The following is a transcript of the lecture….

Missile Defense: Insurance Against Mistakes, Miscalculation, and Madmen
Missile Defense: Insurance Against Mistakes, Miscalculation, and Madmen

As the number of missile-wielding states grows and as the nuclear club expands, the likelihood of a missile being unleashed against the American people or their allies—whether by mistake, miscalculation, or a madman—also grows. Missile defense doesn’t eliminate the danger, but it does give us a fighting chance to confront it.

What You Should Know About the North Korean Missile Crisis
What You Should Know About the North Korean Missile Crisis

North Korea has threatened to fire an ICBM into international waters near the U.S. territory of Guam. Donald Trump has threatened fire and fury. Here is what you should know about the ongoing North Korean missile crisis.

Trump has Realistic Options for North Korea ICBM
Trump has Realistic Options for North Korea after ICBM Test

After North Korea’s successful ICBM test on July 4, does the Trump administration have any realistic policy options to deter the Kim Jong-un regime?

Unprepared for the Storm: America is Vulnerable to EMP Attack
Unprepared for the Storm: America is Vulnerable to EMP Attack

Some dismiss North Korea and Iran’s threat, but such a view ignores the devastating impact a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event could have on the United States.

Star Wars 40 Years Ago American Renewal Responsibility Patriotism
“Star Wars” 40 Years Ago

The rhapsodic public reception that Star Wars received 40 years ago in America, even as it was originally banned in the Soviet Union, was part of a larger, slowly emerging renewal of American confidence in its democratic principles and in its global responsibilities.

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