America’s Founding

A Puritan Named Kennedy

Robert Frost, while campaigning for JFK, referred to him as a “Puritan named Kennedy” from New England.

Vivek Ramaswamy Gets America Right, but Ukraine Wrong

Vivek Ramaswamy is largely right about America, but fundamentally wrong about Ukraine.

Rediscovering America’s Purpose

America was once the world’s arsenal of democracy, can it be again?

July 4, Royalism & Human Nature

Tyrants and despotisms always beckon. But the “blessings and security of self-government” offer greater happiness.

The Chaplaincy: a Public Role of Christianity in the United States

Reclaiming chaplains who understand themselves first as chaplains, and not merely as decorative functionaries would be one way of retrieving Christianity in the public square.

“Not One Nation Alone, but of All People”

Love of country, patriotism, unity, the desire for religious liberty, and the hopes to see the world evangelized ought to mark Christians. Yet, these qualities exist alongside the realities of a fallen world, marred by sin.

Reappraising American Goodness: A Review of McKenzie’s We the Fallen People
Reappraising American Goodness: A Review of McKenzie’s We the Fallen People

In We the Fallen People, Tracy McKenzie takes on the conviction that the moral intuition of the American electorate is the basis for our democratic flourishing. This belief is summarized in the phrase, “America is great because she is good.”

Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 64 | America After Nationalism (Samuel Goldman)
Ep. 64 | America “After Nationalism”

Even though some on the right have argued that the United States needs to return to a strong common national identity to survive, Goldman argues in “After Nationalism” that America has normally not had this type of cohesion for most of its history.

Honoring Old Glory on Flag Day
Honoring Old Glory on Flag Day

On June 14, Americans recognize Flag Day. It is not a holiday, but it is a day honoring the establishment of our nation’s most visible and moving symbol on June 14, 1777: the “Red, White, and Blue.”