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James Baker: Christian Realist?

Was James Baker the most important Secretary of State since Henry Kissinger?

Joel Looper on Bonhoeffer’s America

Mark Tooley speaks with Joel Looper, author of Bonhoeffer’s America: A Land without Reformation, which comes out in August.

Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 64 | America After Nationalism (Samuel Goldman)
Ep. 64 | America “After Nationalism”

Even though some on the right have argued that the United States needs to return to a strong common national identity to survive, Goldman argues in “After Nationalism” that America has normally not had this type of cohesion for most of its history.

Eric Nelson on Theology of Liberalism & Pelagianism

Eric Nelson of Harvard University discusses with Mark Tooley his book The Theology of Liberalism: Political Philosophy and the Justice of God, in which he connects liberalism’s origins to Christian debates over Augustine, Pelagius, and Arminianism.

Ep. 63: Just War for Ordered Liberty? (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 63 | Just War for Ordered Liberty?

In this episode, Paul D. Miller talks about his recent book “Just War and Ordered Liberty,” which explains how just war thinking has shifted over the centuries—from Augustinian, Westphalian, and now Liberal traditions.

Kennedys & Global Statecraft

Here’s my chat with Lawrence Hass on his new book The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby and Ted Remade America’s Empire.

Gregory J. Moore on Niebuhrian International Relations
Gregory J. Moore on Niebuhrian International Relations

In this video, Mark Tooley interviews Gregory J. Moore, author of “Niebuhrian International Relations: The Ethics of Foreign Policymaking.”

Barth, Bonhoeffer & Politics

It was a natural fit to bring these two theologians, Barth and Bonhoeffer, who lived during the rise of National Socialism in Germany, to think about these theological figures in the midst of these broader debates.

Allen Guelzo on Burke vs US Principles

Nations have certain importance, but at the end of the day, the Gospel itself trumps those characteristics.