Christian Nationalism

Liberal Nationalism, Abraham Lincoln, and the Unification of Italy

Although liberalism and nationalism are not often thought of together, liberal nationalism is a powerful force for nation-building.

Christian Institutionalism in Miles Smith IV’s “Religion and Republic”

Defined neither by secularism nor Christendom, America has instead been marked by Christian institutionalism, argues Miles Smith IV

Who’s Afraid of Christian Nationalism?

Mark David Hall’s new book chronicles the history of “Christian nationalism” in America

The Many Dimensions of Christian Nationalism

Christian nationalism is a multifaceted phenomenon, influenced by a variety of factors that are each worth individually examining

Review of “Jesus and the Powers” by Michael Bird and N.T. Wright

Michael Bird and NT Wright’s latest book is insightful, yet suffers from vagueness about specific responses to today’s pressing political questions

True Christian Nationalism

What are we to make of contemporary Christian nationalists?  How many people have earned the title, or claim it?  How long have these people or the term been around?

Towards a More Reasonable Account of American Christian Nationalism

American Christian nationalism is, critics would have us believe, a very scary thing

Michael Singh Christianity & National Security 2023

Michael Singh’s lecture at Christianity & National Security 2023. Mark Tooley: We’ve been looking forward to our next speaker. Michael…

Paul D. Miller Christianity & National Security 2019: Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Liberal Order

During Providence’s Christianity and National Security Conference, Paul D. Miller spoke about nationalism, internationalism, and the liberal order. He reviewed…