Parting Thoughts from Outgoing USCIRF Commissioner Frank R. Wolf

Outgoing Commissioner of the US Committee on International Religious Freedom Frank R. Wolf reflects on the future of domestic and international religious liberty

Protestantism as Father of “Liberalism”

Protestants cannot take over society but can infuse liberalism, with “moral meaning.”

U.S. Congress Demonstrates Global Leadership by Supporting Taiwan, Ukraine, and Israel

Congress’s vote to send military aid to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine proves that American leadership remains strong in 2024

go and do likewise, violence sacrifice jesus easter
The Holy Week Reader—Thursday: Go and Do Likewise

Maundy Thursday has much to say both about the location of human flourishing and the role violence might play in it.

A Return to Ideological Competition: Western Liberal Values or Totalitarianism

Biden’s State of the Union lacked the moral clarity on the civilizational struggle the US is in against China and Russia

Turning Points in American Church History: How Pivotal Events Shaped a Nation and a Faith

Review of Elesha Coffman’s “Turning Points in American Church History: How Pivotal Events Shaped a Nation and a Faith.”

Michael Singh Christianity & National Security 2023

Michael Singh’s lecture at Christianity & National Security 2023. Transcript forthcoming.

prudence just war wisdom
Just War 101 — E9: Prudence; or, Reality (Sometimes) Bites

Just war morality demands that ethical judgements must take into account certain cold, unrelenting, and frustratingly immovable facts. Wisdom matters.

Just War 101 — E3: Why The Big Ox Matters

Thomas Aquinas is a pivotal thinker — historically and conceptually — in the development of the Christian realist just war tradition