Samuel Goldman

Samuel Goldman is an assistant professor of political science at the George Washington University.

Cultural Marxism
A Conversation on Cultural Marxism

In this video, Mark Tooley speaks with Samuel Goldman, political scientist at George Washington University, about Cultural Marxism, its meaning…

ProvCast Ep. 40: History, the Holocaust, and the German Problem — A Conversation with Samuel Goldman

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with GWU Professor Samuel Goldman to discuss his piece in Modern Age on Finis Germania, Rolf…

Protestant Rivalries and American Foreign Policy - Michael Doran - Jacksonians and Progressives
Protestant Rivalries and American Foreign Policy

Rather than simply securing our borders or pursuing our interests, Americans continue to believe that what happens here is the fate of the earth. The real challenge to this consensus would be a view of America as just another country, neither exceptionally good nor exceptionally evil.