Just War Tradition

Marksism – No. 50: Hamas Just War, Latin Religious Liberty, World Religion

This week the editors discuss Paul D. Miller’s article about Israel and Hamas, an editorial from 1946 explaining how Americans needed to understand world religion better, a look at religious freedom in South America, and Dunkirk.

Israel vs. Hamas: A Just War Analysis - Palestine
Israel vs. Hamas: A Just War Analysis

Just war should aim at a better peace. It is unclear how a Palestinian war against Israel would do that in Palestine, Israel, or the region.

How the Bush Administration Failed: A Review of Robert Draper’s To Start a War
How the Bush Administration Failed: A Review of Robert Draper’s To Start a War

Robert Draper’s book To Start a War details why the Bush administration made a gravely mistaken decision, despite having clearly met the jus ad bellum criteria of “right intention.”

Ep. 63: Just War for Ordered Liberty? (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 63 | Just War for Ordered Liberty?

In this episode, Paul D. Miller talks about his recent book “Just War and Ordered Liberty,” which explains how just war thinking has shifted over the centuries—from Augustinian, Westphalian, and now Liberal traditions.

Israel Gaza war
Proportionality and the Israel-Hamas Conflict

For proportionality to remain a helpful category in limiting the horrors of war, it needs to remain a calculation of costs against effects—measuring the goods to be achieved by two measures of harms, including that which will be likely done if force is not used,

True North, Ep. 14: Just War and Just Intention
True North, Ep. 14: Just War and Just Intention

In this episode of “True North,” our dynamic duo helps us get our bearings properly centered on the just intention of war.

Ep. 61 | America’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Providence executive editor Marc LiVecche spoke with contributing editor and Georgetown professor Paul Miller about President Joe Biden’s plans to withdraw all…

True North, Ep. 13 | Just War and Just Cause
True North, Ep. 13 | Just War and Just Cause

In Part III of their short-run series on just war, editors Marc LiVecche and Daniel Strand discuss the jus ad bellum requirement of just cause, including reflection on protecting the innocent, requiting injustice, and punishing sufficiently grave evil.

Was Jesus a Pacifist?
The Holy Week Reader: Monday — A Savior Who Overturns Tables

The cleansing of the temple reveals the character of our Messiah and is a model for those who would follow him.

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