Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen is an intern for Providence. Originally from Plymouth, UK, he is currently a student in Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, where he is working towards a B.A. in Public Policy and International Affairs. He is particularly interested in the promotion of human rights and advocacy for the poor, oppressed, and voiceless around the globe. 

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European Nationalism: Defining the Problem
European Nationalism: Defining the Problem

True patriotism is not about establishing the external borders of your love so much as the ordering of it. For the Christian, who has access to an unending source of love in God, no one ought to be excluded from this love—neither your neighbor, nor fellow countrymen, nor other peoples around the globe.

Nikki Haley Geneva Human RIghts
A Disjointed Approach to Human Rights: Where Is The Strategy?

As President Trump seeks to reel back the role of the US in the world and disengage with multilateral initiatives that don’t fit his strong “America first” ideology, a coherent approach to foreign policy and human rights needs to be reestablished.

Venezuela referendum
Venezuelan Referendum: Maduro’s Strongest Pillar Has Fallen

On July 16, more than 7 million Venezuelan citizens voted in a national referendum. The Venezuelan people have spoken. Now the world needs to respond.

Religious Intolerance Alive in British Politics DUP Conservative Party Tim Farron
Religious Intolerance Alive in British Politics

After the UK general election this month, reactions to a Tory minority government with DUP support and Tim Farron’s privately-held Christian beliefs reveal religious intolerance in British politics.

UK General Election Result: Winners and Losers
UK General Election Result: Winners and Losers

Despite Labour being the only party to gain a significant number of seats in the UK general election yesterday, they remain only the second-largest party in the Parliament.

UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Brexit
UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean

Tomorrow is the UK general election. The outcome will determine who will lead Britain through Brexit negotiations, whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

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