What Does Christianity Have to Say About Injustice?

“God ordained the state to uphold order and protect the innocent.” In part three of our series, editors Mark Tooley…

Six WWI Lessons for US Christians

World War I profoundly affected American churches and Christian thought. Recalling that impact offers counsel for the future.

World War 1 remembrance day
Remembrance & the War That Ended Nothing

A century ago, the Great War ended. Remembrance Day is an opportunity to recall those who fought, the fallen, and the costs and sometimes necessity of war.

Why a Christianity & National Security Conference?

Next week November 2-3 Providence is hosting its second annual Christianity and National Security Conference at Georgetown University. I hope…

Speaking Love to Power: The Prophecy and Policy of Bishop Curry
Speaking Love to Power: The Prophecy and Policy of Bishop Curry

Missing from Bp. Curry’s message during the royal wedding is an appreciation of sin, its persistence and its power to corrupt human relationships. His is a prophecy filled with hope, but lacking humility. And in this, he bears false witness to our fallen world.

Yoder, Sex Abuse, and War

Recently, the legacy of John Howard Yoder has come under scrutiny in light of his prolific sexual misconduct. Mark Tooley argues that these revelations further demonstrate that Yoder twisted his theology to suit his lifestyle.

Was Jesus a Pacifist?
Was Jesus a Pacifist?

Against the seemingly gentle assertions of pacifism, those who truly want to love in our world must understand there remains a need of coercion to maintain a minimum of justice and to preserve those innocents whom the unjust would ravage.

The Continuing Pacifist Menace: How Pacifists Do Harm
The Continuing Pacifist Menace: How Pacifists Do Harm

This article, highlighting the dangers of pacifism, was originally published in Christianity and Crisis on November 16th, 1942. Editor Henry Sloane Coffin…

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