Reports from Occupied Germany, 1946
Reports from Occupied Germany, 1946

In a series of articles in the fall of 1946, Christianity and Crisis contributors offered reports based upon their travels, including from Reinhold Niebuhr and John Baillie in Germany.

For All Mankind

“We build and we defend a way of life, not for ourselves alone, but for all mankind.” That is the…

Revolution in Life and in Thought
Revolution in Life and Thought

“The revolution is more than political, or economic. It is a revolution in thinking about the relation of religion to life, for we are growing in understanding of God by every move that we make in realizing the interdependence of the human family.”

The Conflict between Nations and Nations and between Nations and God, by Reinhold Niebuhr August 5, 1946
The Conflict between Nations and Nations, and between Nations and God

The Bible is still right and that the contest of greatest significance is not between good and bad nations, but between all nations or men and God. We do want peace, but we would like it to be our peace.

The Problems with Utilitarian Christianity
The Problems with Utilitarian Christianity

In religion, to which we want to direct our attention, the growth of the utilitarian spirit is an alarming phenomenon. Utilitarianism seems to mark not only the attitude of the political powers that use religion for the sake of social control and transform it to suit their purposes, but also the attitude of many who oppose them.

Marksism – No. 58: Drafting Women, Niebuhrian Inflation, Cuba, Afghanistan

This week the editors discuss Rebeccah Heinrichs’ article about drafting women, a 1946 op-ed on inflation, Mark Tooley’s article about Cuba, and Marc LiVecche’s article about Afghanistan.

In the Bering Sea, We Were America

Robert Morrison offers a testimony of serving as a Russian interpreter for the US Coast Guard in the Bering Sea during the Cold War and meeting the Soviet KGB.

Marksism — No. 57: North Korea, Killing Hitler, Disdaining America
Marksism – No. 57: North Korea, Killing Hitler, Disdaining America

In this week’s episode, the editors discuss Paulina Song’s article about the US travel ban on North Korea, a 1946 article explaining why the July 20 plotters tried to assassinate Hitler, and Mark Tooley’s book review focused on Henry Adams’ pessimistic view of America.

The Motives of the Men Who Sought Hitler’s Life – W. Von Eckardt – May 13 1946 - Christianity and Crisis
The Motives of the Men Who Sought Hitler’s Life

“Deo—Patriae—Humanitati,” for God, country, and humanity, was the motto of the Germans who attempted to overthrow the regime which made their country the most hated nation in the world.

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