The Clash of Giants?: Review of Destined for War By Graham Allison
The Clash of Giants? Review of Allison’s Destined for War

China is ready to challenge American global leadership and the liberal international order itself. In Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?, Graham Allison argues that a war between the two great powers is a scarily real possibility that needs our attention.

Christian Reconstruction in Europe: Responsible Rebuilding
Christian Reconstruction in Europe: Responsible Rebuilding

This timely article asserts a particular role for Christians in rebuilding Europe after World War II. Although the article was originally published in Christianity and Crisis by Roland Elliott on November 30th, 1942, it is relevant for Christians looking at the destruction in Syria today.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte and Heaven’s Justice

With Duterte, many felt heaven’s justice had come, wielding (symbolically and literally) the sword entrusted to government against evildoers. And despite international criticism, the Filipino people widely approve of the Duterte way. When offered the choice between vigilante justice and no justice at all, a downtrodden people will choose the former every time.

Policing the Seas

After months of warnings, the White House finally ordered the Navy to sail within 12 miles of an artificial island built by China. President Obama’s hesitant response to China’s aggressive behavior suggests he doesn’t grasp that there’s nothing new about the Navy challenging this sort of mischief. America has been keeping the open seas open for 215 years.