Common Good

How the Church Can Counsel Us During the Next Pandemic

As Promisel and Russell have argued, the Catholic Church’s teaching on solidarity should serve as a signpost for the US to navigate the next pandemic

Government’s Two-Edged Sword

The Christian challenge is to identify a role for good government to restrain evil alongside other God-given institutions while at the same time establishing robust means to check the evil of government.

Instead of Transcending Tyranny, the “New Right” Wants to Learn from It - Integralism - Sohrab Ahmari - Adrian Vermeule - Tucker Carlson
Instead of Transcending Tyranny, the “New Right” Wants to Learn from It

The New Right cannot be bothered with foreign threats because they are rationing political capital for an ideological fight at home. That’s bad enough. Even worse, they seem less interested in transcending tyranny and more interested in learning from it.

Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Theologians and Their Choices
Charles De Koninck vs. Jacques Maritain: Philosophers and Their Choices

Either Catholics consider the genius and limits of both Charles De Koninck and Jacques Maritain, or they disregard them both. The latter is unacceptable, given that surrendering the genius is too high a cost.

Alasdair MacIntyre - Doing Justice to Human Dignity
Doing Justice to Human Dignity

“As one might expect, for some, MacIntyre’s proposition to retire the concept of human dignity rang some alarm bells.”

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