Relearning the Economic Lessons of Great Power Conflict

Nicolas Mulder’s “The Economic Weapon” has important lessons for America following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Land of the Rising Dead, Part Two: Death and Taxes

As military spending spirals, should Tokyo consider channeling the free-market spirit of the 1980s?

Are China’s Resurgent Economic Cooperatives Preparation for Invading Taiwan?

The return of Maoist-style agricultural communes in China are a foreboding sign of a return to the China of half a century ago.

St. Antonio and the Scholastics: Medieval Monks as Economists

Surprisingly, the first thinker to produce a systematic treatise on what’s today called Economics was Renaissance-era Dominican monk St. Antonio of Florence.

Economists as the High Priests of Liberalism

We have to be far, far more critical of which measurements we can take as proxies for a healthy nation. Economists can’t make these distinctions and libertarians don’t want to.

Niebuhr’s Report from Scotland, 1947
Niebuhr’s Report from Scotland, 1947

In late winter and early spring 1947, Reinhold Niebuhr visited Europe and wrote short editorials for Christianity and Crisis as he traveled. In the following correspondences, the first coming from Scotland and the second coming from somewhere in the United Kingdom, he offers brief reflections on different current events.

Harry Fain, coal loader for the Inland Steel Company in Wheelwright, Floyd County, Kentucky, on September 23, 1946. By Russell Lee for US Department of the Interior, Solid Fuels Administration for War, via Wikimedia Commons.
Church Leadership during Economic Crisis

Strikes by meat packers and mine workers in 1946 prompted Henry P. Van Dusen and Liston Pope to consider the ethics of strikes and how the church should respond.

Americans Have Strength, Need Hope

Despite the gloomy outlook, there are several reasons for hope this Advent season. This is not nearly the darkest period in American or global history, and there are good reasons to believe that the US still possesses all the tools needed to revitalize the country and stabilize the international system. The question is whether we will use them effectively.

Niebuhr on Anti-Americanism and Moral Leadership
Niebuhr on Anti-Americanism and Moral Leadership

“We have,” said an exuberant campaign orator in the recent campaign, “the moral leadership of the world. The whole world trusts in our devotion to freedom and expects us to save mankind from totalitarianism.” That is how we see ourselves, at least in our more complacent moods. The world does not see us as we see ourselves.