Trump vs. the United States - US Capitol Riot
Trump vs. the United States

The lines have indeed been drawn, and I welcome you to join me in choosing the side of the Constitution, the rule of law, and the ideals of American democracy.

Christian Realism: An Introduction
Christian Realism: An Introduction

The realism in Christian Realism lies in the tension between the redemption and hope that the Gospel brings for a world ensnared in sin and cynicism, and the reality that sin and its effects are still pervasive and will continue to cripple and limit the possibilities for justice this side of paradise.

Impeachment Is a Moment for Political Sobriety - Donald Trump - Christian
Impeachment Is a Moment for Political Sobriety

Is there a definitively Christian response to impeachment? I cannot draw a straight answer to that question from the Bible.

The Impeachment of American Evangelicalism

There is a sharp public conversation brewing over evangelical attitudes on impeachment. Christianity Today editorialized that Christians should support removing…

Implications of Trump-Zelensky Phone Call
Foreign Policy and Moral Implications of the Trump-Zelensky Phone Call

Trump is not the first president to put conditions on aid to a foreign land, but he may be the first to do so in order to score petty political points.

Brazil Impeachment Dilma Rousseff
What Americans Need to Understand about Brazil’s Crisis

It took Brazil a painful 13 years and a practically bankrupt country to see the truth behind the socialists’ beautiful and impossible promises.