Vladimir Lenin

Learning from Lenin on the Centenary of his Death

In 2024, on the centenary of Vladimir Lenin’s death (1870-1924), the study of his writings is as important than ever

Potemkin Pillages: Putin As Cultural Grave-Robber

When our own statue-toppling Western culture-warriors seek to empty our museums and metaphorically shoot busts of our own national heroes through the skull here at home, they should consider the implications. Revisionist culture-wars may one day prevent nations from defending themselves properly in real shooting-wars.

ALEXANDER DUGIN: Critique, Confrontation, and Chrysalis

Alexander Dugin is a serious scholar, a genuine intellectual, and a provocative social scientist who may be not unworthily pronounced the most formidable theoretical opponent of Western liberalism since Lenin.

The Danger of Revolutionary Idealism: the Violence of Collectivism

The Rise of Violent, Revolutionary Ideology in the 20th Century and its Christian Realist Tonic.

Dialectic Derailed? Review of Xi Jinping’s The Governance of China, 2014-2022

Xi’s most obvious and consistent discrepancy lies not in any difference between what the Chinese government says and what the Chinese government does, but between what it says to Communist and to non-Communist audiences.

Passing the Baton
Passing the Baton

As the generation that grew up in and saw the collapse of the USSR, Generation X is uniquely positioned to lead the US as it drifts into the second Cold War.

The War through Mosfilm’s Eyes

The Mosfilm war movies collection greatly enhances understanding of the political psychology of contemporary Russian external aggression, especially the otherwise almost inexplicable official framing of the Ukrainian invasion

A Colonel, a Kid, and a Christmas Story - NORAD - Harry Shoup
A Colonel, a Kid, and a Christmas Story

Shoup’s actions during Christmastime 1955 offer an un-planned, un-staged snapshot of a political system and world view strikingly different from that of Lenin, Stalin, and Xi—a system founded on the freedom to believe in God or Santa or not, to believe in the meaning of Christmas or not, to believe in Immanuel or not.

Edge of Darkness: A Review of Jacob Angeli One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion - QAnon
Edge of Darkness: A Review of Jacob Angeli’s One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion

This review essay shall concern, in all seriousness, One Mind at a Time: A Deep State of Illusion (2020), the political testament of Jacob Anthony Chansley, nom de plume Angeli, the “QAnon Shaman,” who successfully defiled the United States Senate floor with his horns, spear, and vociferous war cries.

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