Christianity & Justice

Baylor University ethics & theology professor Matthew Lee Anderson fascinatingly analyzed Christian concepts of justice in three columns he wrote…

Joe Loconte on WWII’s 75th

Here Joe Loconte and I reflect on 75 years since WWII ended with the September 2, 1945 Tokyo Bay surrender…

Spiritually Defending July 4?

Amid grievance and despair, it’s a challenging season for believers in America and its founding principles. Most of the current protests echo the fads of postmodern academia, insisting that America is a uniquely wicked and oppressive enterprise without redemptive possibility. Much of the commanding heights of culture to some degree feel obliged to pay obeisance to this grim perspective; journalism, big corporations, philanthropies, the social sciences, entertainment moguls and personalities.

New Traditionalists

Here’s my interview with George Mason University political scientist Colin Dueck about the “new traditionalists” who are reshaping American conservatism,…

Recalling Human Folly

Monuments recalling human folly may be no less important than ones honoring heroic human action.

Hope for Democracy

Amid pandemic & protests, there’s growing pessimism about democracy in America and around the world. So my interview with Nicole…

Peter Hitchens on “Satanic Optimism,” Etc.

British commentator author Peter Hitchens, in conversation with Mark Tooley, responds to critiques by “Providence” and speaks to wider historical moment of protests and iconoclasm.

Shadi Hamid on “Church of Woke”

Here’s my interview with Brookings Institution senior fellow and Atlantic contributor Shadi Hamid about protests, riots and national conversation on…

Will Inboden on Nukes & Christian Ethics

William Inboden is sharp strategic thinker with theological heft.