Abigail Liebing

Abigail Liebing is an intern at Providence and a student at Hillsdale College, pursuing a B.A. in History and a minor in Journalism.

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UN Inefficiency Revealed Again, This Time in Syria
UN Inefficiency Revealed Again, This Time in Syria

Though the UN’s job, according to its charter, is to maintain international peace and security, protect human rights, deliver humanitarian aid, promote sustainable development, and uphold international law, the organization is becoming increasingly ineffective in all these areas. And now people like Ahmad see help from the UN as a dangerous mistake.

Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria
Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria

Though Syria still struggles with violence and fighting, the Islamic State’s territorial holdings have been almost completely eradicated. But while ISIS may no longer have physical control in the country, it has left young militants and a dangerous, extremist ideology.

Strange Bedfellows: Is the US Supporting al-Qaeda in Yemen?

The Arab coalition and the US find themselves in the awkward position of directly and indirectly supporting al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula while they fight the Houthis in Yemen.

Pakistan’s New Prime Minister Could Change the Relationship with the US

Imran Khan is the new prime minister of Pakistan and his plans for change could affect the US, China, and the region.

US Should Work with Russia in Syria to Avoid Iran-Israel War

Russia and Iran are coordinating to prop up Assad in Syria but this could bring Iran one step closer to war with Israel.

Restored Relations and Moral Renewal? What Obrador’s Victory Could Mean for Mexico’s Future

Mexico’s newly elected president, AMLO, has promised to regenerate the country with his fight against corruption

The World Cup: So Much More Than Soccer

Before the World Cup even began, soccer had become political and Russia was at the center of it.

Whose Fault is the Yemeni Crisis Anyway?

Though the Yemen conflict is in many ways a proxy war between Iran and the Saudi coalition, it is much more complicated, and not all the blame should be placed on the coalition for worsening the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.