Abigail Wilson

Abigail Wilson is a Strategic Intelligence major at Patrick Henry College. She has researched for numerous government agencies and interned for a Senator on the Hill crafting policy briefings on issues related to national security, foreign policy, and judiciary affairs. Abigail served as Senior Editor of the Intelligencer, a student-led international affairs and intelligence journal, and as a Junior and Senior analyst on several projects including the Border Security Alert and the African Strategic Threat Assessment Review.

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Chinese Communist Party Opens School in Tanzania
CCP Opens Party School in Tanzania

Chinese Communist Party opens the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Leadership School in conjunction with six other African countries.

Why Russia Might Help Stop the Collapse of Western Liberalism
Why Russia Might Slow the Collapse of Western Liberalism

The Russian invasion of Ukraine helped the West remember that it is fortified by a shared love of peace.

Turkey’s Balancing Act in the Near East after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Turkey’s Balancing Act in the Near East after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Turkey’s geopolitical position has become precarious since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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