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Arlene is a pro-Israel activist, writer, and consultant who served for nine years as Southeast Regional Christian Outreach Director with AIPAC, America's leading pro-Israel lobby. Prior to AIPAC, she worked as Executive Director and Media Liaison for Israel Always and Front Page Jerusalem Radio. She is currently Leadership Outreach Director for American Christian Leaders for Israel, a project of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. During her tenure with AIPAC, she staffed nine American Israel Education Foundation trips to Israel for Christian leaders and pastors, built a network of pro-Israel Christian advocates with the US Congress, and spoke in venues throughout the southeast and nationally. Arlene received her BA from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. On full scholarship, she received her Master’s degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Prior to her pro-Israel staff positions, she and her husband served for eight years with Mercy Ships, the world’s largest private hospital ship.

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Will Cuba Become “Little Iran”? Watch the Cuba-Iran Alliance
Will Cuba Become “Little Iran”? Watch the Cuba-Iran Alliance

In the same way the Soviet Union used Cuba, Iran may be turning the island into a “Little Iran.”