David Hein

David Hein (PhD, University of Virginia) is a senior fellow at the George C. Marshall Foundation and an affiliated scholar of the John Jay Institute. His many books and articles include Archbishop Fisher, 1945–1961: Church, State and World (with Andrew Chandler; Routledge, 2016) and “The Marshall Plan: Conservative Reform as a Weapon of War,” Modern Age (Winter 2017).

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General Matthew B. Ridgway: Conservative Internationalist
General Matthew B. Ridgway: Conservative Internationalist

General Matthew Ridgway was a conservative internationalist who supported free institutions, defense alliances, and unsurpassed military might while opposing unsustainable wars beyond the range of national interests.

Rethinking the Marshall Plan
Rethinking the Marshall Plan

Neither active idealism (a massive humanitarian intervention) nor defensive realism (an anticommunist security strategy) quite comes to grips with the Marshall Plan’s rationale. Americans would not have been so committed to spending these large, sacrificial sums except that their own core beliefs, values, and institutions were at risk.

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