Edward G. Stafford

Mr. Stafford is a retired US Foreign Service Officer. During his 27 years with the Department of State, he served primarily as a Political-Military Affairs Officer, both abroad and in domestic assignments. In his overseas assignments he also often served as an in-house expert on the local interplay of religion and politics. His last assignment was on the faculty of the Inter-American Defense College, Fort Lesley McNair, Washington, DC during which he taught Civilian-Military and Church-State relations. He was recently elected to the Governing Board of the American Foreign Service Association. Now residing in Brigantine, NJ, he regularly makes forays into Philadelphia and Washington for educational, cultural, and artistic enrichment. His foreign languages in descending order of proficiency are:  Spanish, French, Romania, Portuguese, and Turkish. He and his wife of 40 years have 3 adult sons and 5 grandchildren.

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