H. David Baer

H. David Baer holds the Pastor Gerhard A. And Marion Poehlmann Professorship in Theology at Texas Lutheran University. He is the author of The Struggle of Hungarian Lutherans under Communism, Recovering Christian Realism: Just War Theory as a Political Ethic, and Essays in Defense of Religious Freedom (in English and Hungarian). He is co-editor of the journal Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe and an academic advisor to FOREF Europe (Forum for Religious Freedom Europe), a Vienna-based NGO.

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Secularization Strikes Back: The End of American Religion?
Secularization Strikes Back: The End of American Religion?

The “europeanization” of American politics, far from a reason to rejoice, should be the occasion for wailing and gnashing of teeth.

A Time for Theologians during COVID-19 Pandemic?

A theologian’s task in time of plague is to show the light and give people hope. In recent years, many of us trained as theologians have traded our office for that of the pundit and scold. That we have so little worthwhile to say now, in this unprecedented time of fear and uncertainty, is yet one more sign of judgment.

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