Joseph E. Capizzi

Joseph E. Capizzi is a professor of moral theology and ethics and the executive director of the Institute for Human Ecology at the Catholic University of America. He teaches in the areas of social and political theology, with special interests in issues in peace and war, citizenship, political authority, and Augustinian theology. He is the author of Politics, Justice, and War: Christian Governance and the Ethics of Warfare (Oxford University Press, 2015).

What’s a Christian to Make of Trump’s Foreign Policy and Nationalism?
What’s a Christian to Make of Trump’s Nationalism and Foreign Policy?

Trump’s policies, foreign and domestic, all converge around his conception of American greatness, a conception shared by tens of millions of Americans. What should Christians make of this trend toward nationalism?

Catholic Church - Integralism and International Order
Integralism and International Order

Would those Catholics promoting integralism instead of liberalism support a nationalist-isolationist foreign policy, or empire?

Joe Capizzi Discusses Christian Hope & Peace on Earth

In this short video, Joe Capizzi discusses how we should view our past and our future in light of Christian…

Joseph E. Capizzi Lecture: “Catholic Teaching & Just War”

The following lecture was recorded during Providence’s 2017 Christianity and National Security Conference. Joseph E. Capizzi discusses the nature of…

Bishops Call for Nuclear Elimination but Forget Need for Modernization and Maintenance
Bishops Call for Nuclear Elimination but Forget Need for Modernization and Maintenance

On July 6, 2017, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions issued a joint declaration calling upon the international community to “map out a credible, verifiable, and enforceable strategy for the total elimination of nuclear weapons.”

A President Trump Could Serve Russia Well
Trump’s Task with Russia

Every Brexit-Trump gain is a gain for Russia’s historic aspirations to recreate geographic and population buffers around the Russian border.

Rome Peacemaking Conference
Just War as Peacemaking

The just war ethic is really and first an approach to politics as the moral exercise of power in service of justice, fairness, stability, and ultimately peace.