Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Judith Mendelsohn Rood is an emeritus professor of history and Middle East studies at Biola University. Rood received her BA in history at New College (Sarasota, Florida, 1980), her MA in Arabic and international relations at Georgetown University (1982), and her PhD at the University of Chicago in modern Middle Eastern history, American diplomatic history, and Ottoman history (1993). She is currently a researcher, writer, and editor. Her monograph Sacred Law in the Holy City: The Khedival Challenge to the Ottomans as seen from Jerusalem, 1829-1841, published by Brill in 2004 (hardback) and 2020 (paperback), focuses upon the period during which Muhammad Ali governed Egypt and Syria—including today’s Lebanon, Syria, Israel, the Palestinian areas, and Jordan—as a rebel against the Ottoman Empire.

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Chosen: A Lament for War

A Lament for War: Director Jasmin Dizdar on his Holocaust Film “The Chosen” and His Family History.

America’s Afghanistan Deception: A Review of Craig Whitlock’s Afghanistan Papers
America’s Afghanistan Deception: A Review of Craig Whitlock’s Afghanistan Papers

“The Afghanistan Papers” by Craig Whitlock is modeled on the Pentagon Papers, which charged that the Johnson administration systematically lied to Congress and the public about the Vietnam War. This book makes the same charge against the Bush and Obama administrations.

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