Julie A. Tegho

Julie A. Tegho is a Lebanese researcher on Middle Eastern modern history with a special emphasis on Lebanon. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in history at Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth on the Lebanese wars (1975–90). Her thesis focuses on the Battle of Zahle (April – June 1981) and the experiences of the resistance against the Syrian Army in Lebanon. Tegho’s goal is to dust off the narrative of Christian participation in the wars by telling the stories of the fighters and militants in the Lebanese Resistance, and ordinary people caught in the cycles of violence.

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A Church at War: Clergy & Politics in Wartime Lebanon (1975–82)
A Church at War: Clergy & Politics in Wartime Lebanon (1975–82)

The role of the church during the Lebanese Civil War can serve as a case study of the active role the clergy can play in the Middle East to prevent forced migration of Christians to the West, and preserve their rightful place by resisting at home.