Luke M. Perez

Luke M. Perez is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Government at The University of Texas at Austin studying religion, ethics, and US foreign policy. He is currently a graduate fellow of Governance and the Clements Center for National Security, both at The University of Texas. His dissertation examines the rise of religious freedom as a core component to American grand strategy. This fall he will begin a postdoctoral fellowship at St. Vincent College, in Latrobe, PA. A native of California, Luke earned his B.A. in Greek and Latin at The Ohio State University and his M.A. in Political Philosophy at Villanova University. He is also a 12 year veteran with the California Air National Guard.
Jacksonian Progressive American Foreign Policy Anti-Theology Response Michael Doran First Things
Jacksonians, Progressives & American Foreign Policy’s Anti-Theology

Both the Jacksonian and Progressive persuasions that Michael Doran describes exhibit symptoms of secularized politics. Neither articulates a truly Christian view of politics or foreign policy.