Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison first sailed to Canada’s Maritimes on the USCGC Unimak, then served as a Russian interpreter in the Bering Sea. He taught diplomatic history to Navy nuclear submariners. Morrison was a member of the Reagan administration. He writes from Annapolis.

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Major Dan and Major John: A Reflection on Afghanistan’s Fall
Major Dan and Major John: A Reflection on Afghanistan’s Fall

Robert G. Morrison reflects on the fall of Afghanistan and the lack of religious freedom there.

In the Bering Sea, We Were America

Robert Morrison offers a testimony of serving as a Russian interpreter for the US Coast Guard in the Bering Sea during the Cold War and meeting the Soviet KGB.

The Tears of a Father - Father's Day
The Tears of a Father

My rescued father revered Lincoln. “With malice toward none but with charity for all” was Lincoln’s Farewell Address to us. Leslie Morrison lived out Father Abraham’s good words. On Father’s Day, and every day, we can so live, too.

The Dunkirk Prayer
The Dunkirk Prayer

In May 1940, Lord Halifax urged Winston Churchill to call for a national day of prayer to aid in the evacuation of the troops in Dunkirk.

Coruscatingly Brilliant: A Tribute to Charles Krauthammer
Coruscatingly Brilliant: A Tribute to Charles Krauthammer

Defined as sparkling, giving off shafts of light, “coruscatingly brilliant” applies in every sense to the writing and the personal demeanor of Charles Krauthammer.

Robert Kennedy and the Great "What if?"
Robert Kennedy and the Great “What if?”

Robert Kennedy had rejected the anti-Semitism of his father, Ambassador Joe Kennedy, and had pledged to send 50 jet fighters to Israel to help that small, embattled country survive in a sea of enemies. For that, he would pay with his life.

Greatest Generation Second World War
Not the Greatest Generation

If we call any of our honored ancestors the Greatest Generation, we are acceding to the idea that America’s greatness is past. For many of us, America’s greatest days are yet to be lived out.

For George H.W. Bush Nobel Prize for Peace
For George H.W. Bush, a Nobel Prize for Peace?

The increasingly frail 41st President of the United States surely deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace for his enlightened and, yes, prudent diplomacy in a dangerous era. Not only did he guide the world toward German reunification, he carefully avoided “dancing on the Berlin Wall.”

Nidal Hasan
How to Respond to Brussels? Hang Nidal Hasan

Convicted mass murderer Nidal Hasan sits in a federal military prison. It is nearly three years since a court martial sentenced him to death. That stark fact advertises the utter lack of seriousness of this administration about the war on terrorists. And it illustrates the moral confusion of the Left in Europe—and here.

FDR’s Appointment at The Great Bitter Lake: 14 February 1945, Part 2

FDR’s meeting with King Ibn Saud on the Great Bitter Lake has had ramifications for U.S.-Saudi Arabia relations for decades.