Robert Morrison

Robert Morrison first sailed to Canada’s Maritimes on the USCGC Unimak, then served as a Russian interpreter in the Bering Sea. He taught diplomatic history to Navy nuclear submariners. Morrison was a member of the Reagan administration. He writes from Annapolis.

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FDR on USS Quincy at Great Bitter Lake
FDR’s Appointment at The Great Bitter Lake: 14 February 1945, Part 1

President Barack Obama evoked howls of disapproval from his opponents when, in early 2009, he bowed before King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, the absolute ruler of Saudi Arabia. This high profile encounter—the President was attending a G-20 Summit in London—provided a marked contrast with the almost entirely overlooked first meeting of a President and the monarch of the Desert Kingdom.

The Knesset in Jerusalem
A Strong American Horse—In Jerusalem

Nothing could demonstrate a new direction in American Mideast policy better than for the next administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move our embassy there overnight.